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Why Softstrem?

At SoftStrem, We support our clients’ profitable growth by improving the new product development process and working directly on higher value, more attractive offerings.

We take a fully cross-functional approach; working closely with strategy, technology, engineering, marketing, purchasing, and production. We apply our expert knowledge to product and operational improvement by transferring best practices across industries, creating customized next practices for our clients, and effectively applying our consultants’ deep industry-specific experience.

Most often, we work directly on specific products, roadmaps, and portfolios, creating top-line value and institutionalizing capabilities to sustain best practices around a set of core concepts:

Design-to-value — we combine aggressive product cost management (design-to-cost) with a rigorous understanding of customer insights to deliver attractive product lines with the optimal level of market coverage, product margin, and reduced operational complexity.

Ideas to launch — we help to develop new product concepts using consumer, business and technology insights and then accelerate development and commercialization.

Portfolio management — strong>we reshape and increase the value of R&D portfolios, develop technology roadmaps and install management processes to align with corporate strategy and rebalance over time.

We provide a full spectrum of Application development :

Software application development based on the distinctive business needs and processes that put your products and services above the competition.

Reengineering and migration services that transform your legacy applications into modern, cost-efficient technology solutions.

Software application development to ensure the highest levels of application performance and business-critical levels of service.

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